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Good to know about Croatia

Croatia is a dream destination for Yacht Charter vacationers. Nowhere else is the Mediterranean bluer and clearer. 
Sailors also have the great advantage of being able to head for particularly beautiful bays,
which are hardly accessible by car. The rugged Adriatic coast is an Eldorado for relaxed yacht charter vacationers.
In the holiday region of Dalmatia, there is sunny, dry weather with temperatures around 30 degrees
and moderate wind throughout the summer.
Nature paradise Croatia: Yacht charter in a dreamlike idyl
In addition to the perfect sailing weather, Croatia also offers beautiful natural landscapes.
The island world around the port city of Split boasts green-clad slopes, rugged cliffs and golden beaches. Many of the small bays can be reached only from the water, so you do not notice the other mass tourism

Highlights in Croatia

Croatia's different marinas

 - Marina Punat:
The Croatian seaside resort is located on a protected bay, which is connected to the open sea
only by the narrow strait Usta. Due to the good and safe location at the natural harbor,
the harbor is a good starting point for charter trips to the Croatian islands and the Kvarner region. The islands of Plavnik, Kormat, Galun, Prvic and Zec, which are located around Krk, are the perfect cruise
destinations for Yacht Charter holidaymakers, who enjoy untouched nature.
Marina Punat is located on the western side of Krk and has 830 berths at 11 jetties and 300 dry berths on land. All berths are equipped with electricity and water connection. The marina with its infrastructure offers everything you need on a yacht charter trip. - Marina Cres: The island Cres is with 407 km2 the second largest of the Kvarner islands.
Instead of hotels, apartments and pensions dominate the offer of accommodation for tourists. On the island, among other things, the extremely rare in Europe Griffon Vultures are,
which can be observed with a bit of luck on a trip to Beli.

Marina Funtana:

Funtana (Italian Fontane = Fountain) is a coastal village and a municipality in the County of Istria, Croatia.

The church tower on the hill above the coastline and the green lantern at the end of the breakwater serve
as orientation. Warning: On the north side of Funtana Bay is Janjci, whose northern edge is marked by a black pole with
two red stripes and two black balls.
South of the harbor entrance, between the islet Veli školj and the coast, is the shallow Funtana,
which is marked by a yellow-red pole with two black cones whose tips point upwards.
In the bay, about 200 meters west of the pier, are dangerous rocks and ledges.
The safest way to enter from the western side. Pay attention to the shallows Janjci. - MARINA MALI LOSINJ With 9,000 inhabitants, the city of Mali Losinj is the largest town on the island and also the largest
island city on the Adriatic coast. Mali Lošinj is located in the bay of Augustus.
It is the largest, closed bay in the Kvarner area.
Mali Losinj is the most important tourist and economic center of the island Losinj.
It offers a variety of accommodation, sports and recreational facilities.  - MARINA ROVINJ The town of Rovinj, with its charter yacht coming from the sea, can be easily recognized by the Cathedral
of St. Euphemia standing high on the promontory. Between the cathedral and the island of Katharina is
the entrance to the city harbor. In Rovinj there are two possibilities for lying down: in the city harbor directly south of the village
and in the ACI marina, which lies a little south of the small island of Katarina.  Although the city harbor is safe in all winds you are quite restless with the yacht in West and
Southwest winds. Furthermore, the Bora blows with full strength on the inside of the outer pier
so that anchor must hold well

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